Uplevel & Ignite

8 Week Group Coaching Program hosted by Shannon Lutz

UPDATE: You can accomplish your wildest business dreams.

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You know those quiet whispers of your heart... the ones that seem far out, the ones you haven’t said out loud? 


 You don’t need to hustle hard for premium clients  

 You don’t need to stress about falling behind on content & losing momentum  

 You don’t need to be anxious when you’re away from your computer or phone  

Here, take my hand, and step off of the business-hamster-wheel!  

We are going to rework your business model to make more $$$ (and avoid burnout.)  

With the right plan, you can have your Oprah-sized dreams.  

A plan that makes you easy 5 figure months, that allows your creativity to flow so you can work on your next initiative, and that *lean in close*...

...allows you work less than 25 hours a week, and make more than you have before.  

It's all possible for you. I'm going to help you get it. 

Who is this The Social Bungalow gal?

I’m Shannon, your Business Coach & Marketing Strategist specializing in teaching high-level marketing strategies designed to create 6 + 7 figure businesses.  

But it hasn’t always been this way – 

I spent a decade in the corporate world helping build multi-milli dollar businesses & A-List celebrity marketing.  

Until one day my heart whispered, 

“What if you could take these strategies and help female entrepreneurs build their empires.. from scratch!”  

And before I could stop it, my hand shot up in the air Katniss style, “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!” and The Social Bungalow was born – an online marketing co. helping women market their expertise and structure their businesses for big-picture profit.  

Shannon Lutz

But let me tell you, there’s always a learning curve with starting your own business…  

  • INSTAGRAM: My morning routine of crystals & journaling, my afternoon pilates class, my kombucha breaks with girlfriends whenever I want…  
  • REALITY: Running for the coffee pot the second your eyes open, working from 6am – 11pm, googling “how many calories does typing burn”  


We’re told the harder we work, the better our results. The larger our community, the more money we’ll make.  


I'm here to help you Uplevel & Ignite your business, AND your life, the right way.

I want this, Shannon. I'm ready.

Are you ready for this Firestarter? You’ll become an expert at…  

  • Attracting YOUR people with a magnet-like strength by honing your messaging  
  • Designing your marketing plan for the next 6 months with a 30 day proven launch plan  
  • Structuring your offering suite for big-picture profit, with built in upsell tripwires, and sales scripts that create confidence and $$$  
  • Systemizing your funnels for community nurturing turned passive income  

“Shannon has helped me transform years of trial and error into 90 days of efficient systems and processes for my business.” - Sarah T | Founder  

““Shannon, you have seriously helped me so much and it’s only been two sessions.” -Alyssa W | Business Automation Expert  

“Shannon, the email sequence you helped me write spoke right to my client’s hearts and converted for my retreat after only the first email. -Pia B | Owner of Curate Well Co  

So how does it all go down?

  • Weekly 90-minute video calls (8 total during the 2 months!) to get you on the fast track to strategic marketing = high level sales ($3,000 Value)  
  • Voxer group messaging support with direct acces to me (Shannon!) for those everyday moments when you need an answer – from social posts, to help with a sale going down in your DMs, my eyes on your biz 24/7 ($5,000 Value)  
  • My complete digital product suite including Social Media Content Calendars (posts &stories), Discovery Call Outline + Script, Profit Planning Worksheets, Quarterly Launch Planner ($2,500 Value)  

That totals over $10,000 but this 60 day program is a fraction of that price.  

“I hired Shannon because I was L O S T in all of my ideas for my business and had no clear path from A to B. She has given me the tools I need to clearly define my famework, my ideal clients, where my marketing should be targeted, helped me build my website, enhance my social media presence with organic reach, MY NICHE, and now we are working on exactly how to implement the marketing we decided was the absolute best to reach my target audience. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.” 

-Summer M. | Owner of Summer at the Lake House